Vision Statement

To grow better together, through the unchanging word of God, strong leadership, empowering and embracing each other by utilizing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and to develop aptitudes that encourage Spiritual/numerical growth throughout the state, nation and this world.
James 1:22 –But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

Mission Statement

As people of God under one Faith, Jesus Christ being our Cornerstone, our mission is to lead with integrity, compassion and love, while reaching out to the world, preaching to the unsaved, and teaching the saved to serve without compromising our commitment to the true word of God.

Value Statements
¨ Faith in Jesus Christ
¨ Operating in Integrity
¨ Passion for the work we have been called to do in the body
¨ Respect and show of kindness for all God’s people
¨ Continuous Spiritual Growth
¨ Commitment to the truth
¨ Strong sense of Community
¨ Maintaining a high standard of excellence in everything